Analia has always taken care of sharing music with people, without distinction of means, ability or culture.

Her leitmotiv has always been to "bring music where there is not", and since 2005, she has done numerous concerts in prisons, hospitals, Center for children & adults with multiple disabilities, for babys and children having cancer, in addition of soloist performances.


About her artistic fulfillment, Analia has always been carrying out an in-depth work of research about sound and how to connect it with the Role, with the highest level of sincerity possible, to reach and share, as often as possible, this particular vibration that transforms few seconds of our world in a magical moment, thanks to music.

Robert Debré Hospital, Paris

Analia has been visiting hospitalized children in hematology for a long time, since 2010.

She always trusted that, as an artist and human, she had the responsability of being able to be strengh and perceptive enough to stand up and sing. That's why she created the event "Opera cœur" for hospitalized children and their family three years later: this was the first time that children of Debré's hospital in Paris could discover and listen opera, with Gaspard Brécourt as pianist, Laura Marin and Analia Téléga as singers. Since then, Analia pursues her commitment by helping to create regular magical feasts for children. The next "Opera coeur" will be held in April 2016 and the operation "Lucky-charm", too. This new idea will create a link between long-term hospitalized children, scolarized children and seniors, to help those who suffer from loneliness. It's a first in France.

Link: Les Blouses Roses

Breathing day at Armand Trousseau's Hospital, Paris

Since 2013, Analia is assisting Dr Nathalie Lambert to propose a panel of techniques (singing, qi Gong, apnea,...) to help young teenagers with severe persistent allergic asthma. This concept of specific therapeutic help for teenagers constitutes a first in France.

Link: APHP-Trousseau Breathing Day